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Driving optical communications
into the third dimension

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Leading the 3D light revolution

Welcome to Optoscribe

3D waveguide technology for optical communications

The ever-growing demand for bandwidth intensive data services, together with the proliferation of data-hungry mobile devices and the advent of cloud computing, has meant that optical communication networks are under increasing pressure to expand capacity whilst simultaneously reducing energy usage and cost.

This, together with the rapid advance of large data centres as the hub of both vast information storage and big-data computation has pushed forward the widespread adoption of optical interconnect technology to “stitch together” the data centre communication fabric. This creates two major challenges which need to be solved:-

  • Transceiver integration
  • Getting more data through existing fiber

One of the key challenges in assembling optical transceivers is precision alignment of the fiber to the active elements such as lasers and PDs, requiring skill, time and cost which scales with the number of subcomponents required to be assembled separately.

Optoscribe has developed a platform of capabilities combining (a) 3D waveguides, (b) precise alignment features and (c) optical components in a single glass chip allowing a reduced footprint and increased functionality, resulting in increased performance and manufacturing yields together with significantly reduced assembly costs. This platform of capabilities for integration in data centre and related markets has been brought together under the Company’s Fiber Coupled InterconneX (FCX™) product line.

Optoscribe’s Space Division Multiplexing (SDM) fiber coupling products

3D Optofan™ Series for coupling Multicore Fiber (MCF) to Single Mode Fiber (SMF)
3D MMUX™ Photonic Lantern for coupling Few Mode Fiber (FMF) to SMF

Optoscribe – Leading the 3D Light Revolution.