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The Enlighten Conference

Last week I attended the Enlighten Conference in Coventry. The event was organised by Photonex to look at the adoption of Silicon Photonics in UK industry. The one day programme brought together academia and companies from the Photonics, Semiconductor and other technology sectors.

Over 100 delegates listened to industry experts from Rockley Photonics, BB Photonics, Finisar Corporation, Seagate Technology, HiLight Semiconductor and Entropix Limited. My conclusions from their presentations, the inputs from associated trade organisations and academia was that there is a lack of standardisation for silicon photonics packaging, with interested parties still working in silos. Semiconductor packaging is significantly more advanced and relatively mature and the aspirational goal for Silicon Photonics packaging is to move more quickly to automated surface mount technology.

It was interesting to hear the important role Silicon Photonics will play in high speed optics particularly 400Gb/s and beyond. Data centre operators are pushing transceiver manufacturers to deliver ever increasing performance levels at lower cost and to date there is no good cost / performance solution for Si coupling and the industry is eagerly awaiting automated, low loss and passively aligned solutions.

This is something Optoscribe is addressing with its Transceiver Photonic Platform and is working hard to add additional building blocks to further help alleviate the Silicon Photonics packaging constraints.

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