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Addressing Photonics Assembly Challenges In Single Mode Transceivers

Abstract - Single mode transceiver manufacturers face a tough task in producing ever faster devices at lower cost that assist data centre operators in tackling the data deluge. Yet the crucial component linking optical signals to the electronics within the transceiver, requires some new approaches to meet this challenge.

Alleviating Packaging Constraints in Single Mode Transceivers

Abstract - The demand for bandwidth within datacenters has never been greater, with the drive for the next generation of transceiver modules resulting in the need for increased channel count and/or data rates per channel. As transceiver manufacturers develop designs for 400Gb/s and beyond, the already challenging task of fabricating and assembling is becoming even more complex in order to meet the optical and electrical performance requirements demanded by datacenter operators.

The Drive for Low Cost Single Mode Tranceivers

Abstract - Data center operators are pushing transceiver manufacturers to deliver ever increasing performance levels at lower costs, targeting 400Gb/s optical transceivers at a sale price of $1 per Gb/s by 2019. To meet this challenge, significant innovation is needed in integrated design, assembly and packaging of optical interconnects, particularly in single mode transceivers which are becoming more common as data-center operators adopt more unified architectures.