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Driving optical communications
into the third dimension

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Innovative. High Performance. Scalable.
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Leading the 3D light revolution

3D waveguides for high density interconnection

Designed to enable compact and robust optical interconnection, Optoscribe’s range of 3D waveguides revolutionise the footprint and form factor of assemblies and dramatically increase the amount of data transferred across networks. This in turn minimises network costs whilst maximising cable performance.

Easy to integrate into a wide range of advanced communications applications our products are compatible with the latest fibers, more specifically, Singlemode Fibers (SMF), Multimode Fibers (MMF) Multicore Fibers (MCF) and Few Mode Fibers (FMF). They can also be integrated into hybrid assemblies containing a host of photonic components such as other photonic integrated circuits (PICs).

We assemble our products using an automated manufacturing process and industry standard fiber-waveguide alignment processes to ensure scalability.

If you would like to find out which products can meet your requirements please contact us.