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Driving optical communications
into the third dimension

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Innovative. High Performance. Scalable.
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Leading the 3D light revolution

3D MMux™ Photonic Lantern designed to optimise space division multiplexing (SDM)

The 3D MMux™ Photonic Lantern series of products are a new class of glass components designed to interface Few Mode Fibers (FMFs) and Single Mode Fibers (SMF) in a monolithic, scalable, compact solution with best in class fiber alignment precision.

Our unique technology consists of laser scribed 3D waveguides which act as an interface between FMFs and SMFs. This compact and fully packaged solution easily integrates with existing technology to minimise disruption and maximise performance.

Optimised for the very latest OFS fiber, the Photonic lantern is available in 3 and 6 channel configurations. Other interface geometries are available on request.

Using the Photonic Lantern users can dramatically increase the amount of data transferred across an optical fiber whilst minimising space.

3D Waveguide closeup

3D MMUX™ Photonic Lantern

  • Accurate 3D embedded waveguides
  • Readily interface with existing technology to reduce cost of adoption
  • Automated manufacturing process enables scalability
  • Broad flat spectral response with high throughput and minimal insertion losses
  • Low loss interface between multimode cores and arrays of single mode cores
  • Utilise multiple singlemode spatial transmission channels within a multimode fibre
Photonic Lantern Optoscribe