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Fiber Coupled InterconneX (FCX™) for photonic integration

Optoscribe’s Fiber Coupled InterconneX (FCX™) is the ideal solution for fiber connection in optical transceivers.

FCX™ is a unique glass interface designed to enable simple coupling to arrays of emitters or receivers including VCSELs / PDs or PICs.

The FCX™ revolutionises the footprint and form factor of assemblies, whilst increasing the amount of data transferred across networks.

Easy to integrate into system-in-a-package (SIP) solutions, the FCX™ can be mounted onto PCBs, optical boards or directly bonded as part of hybrid assemblies. The reduced package size simplifies fiber interconnection and liberates design constraints associated with optical I/O.

FCX™ is compatible with a wide variety of standard fiber architectures including SMF and MMF, and also supports advanced space division multiplexed transmission using Multicore Fiber (MCF) or Few Mode Fiber (FMF).

Our products are fabricated using industry standard materials and assembly methods. The excellent matching of the CTE to silicon dies and dimensional stability under thermal load reinforces product reliability. The FCX™ enables robustly packaged systems for straightforward use with minimal disruption.

FCX™ provides the following benefits for optical transceiver design and manufacturing:

  • Precise alignment between fiber and laser / PD
  • Suitable for high volume manufacturing
  • Passive alignment
  • Excellent thermal expansion properties