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Optoscribe is dedicated to achieving the highest levels of quality, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction.  Working with employees, suppliers, investors and customers the company seeks through the implementation of its Quality Management System (QMS) to achieve its quality objectives and goals.  The company’s QMS defines how quality is built into every aspect of the company’s design, development and manufacturing processes, as well as the systems that govern the manufacturing supply chain through fabrication, test and delivery.  The company’s QMS guides how it measures and continually improves the degree to which customer requirements and the Quality Policy are satisfied.  The company strives “to do” rather than just implement quality into all aspects of its operations.

The Company has Quality Standard 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015


Optoscribe is committed to providing high standards and quality of service to its customers. The company commits to do this in a way which protects and enhances the environment.  It is a fundamental part of its business processes that it strives to avoid losses and maximise benefits by minimising adverse environmental effects arising from business activities. Environmental factors are taken into consideration in planning and decision-making processes. Within this the company assess the environmental impact of its operations and determines the effective controls to support its environmental policy and objectives. The company encourages its workforce to take responsibility for environmental protection and enhancement within their own sphere of responsibility. Optoscribe works with its subcontractors and suppliers to improve their environmental performance.  The company promotes a culture of environmental management improvement in all parts of the business.

The Company has Environmental Standard 14001:2015