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Optoscribe showcased Direct Connect platform at ECOC 2018

The DIRECT CONNECT platform facilitates the passive and direct connection of Optoscribe's unique glass based 3D photonic integrated circuits to single fiber LC and multi-fiber MPO connectors, such as the MTP® brand connectors, without the need for a fiber stub or jumper.

Corning has developed custom designed adaptors facilitating LC and MTP® connector mating. Optoscribe's 3D glass platform has integrated precision alignment holes to allow for MT pins to insert directly into the glass and passively align to the laser inscribed waveguides.

The feedback from many of the industry's tier 1 transceiver manufacturers was hugely positive and it is clear that this platform has the potential to address some of the key challenges inherent in today's optical transceiver assembly methods.

At the time of writing, this technology is still under assessment and not yet commercially available.

Further information to follow..

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