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Fiber to Fiber Coupling Solutions

Optoscribe supplies state-of-the-art fiber to fiber coupling solutions designed to act as an interface between different types or configurations of optical fibers.

Using Optoscribe’s 3D photonic integrated circuits, a wide range of complex interconnect geometries are now possible to manufacture. Low loss coupling between arbitrary configurations of one or two dimensional arrays can be achieved with ease, using industry standard assembly processes.

Read about Space Division Multiplexing here.

Multicore fiber fanouts – OptoFan™

The Optoscribe multicore fiber fanout - 3D OptoFan™ is compact and fully packaged for plug and play integration and comes complete with MCF and SMF in both 4, 7, and 8 channel configurations as standard. Custom configurations are available on request.

Photonic Lanterns - OptoLantern™

Optimised for OFS few-mode fiber, the 3D OptoLantern™ is a compact solution with best-in-class fiber alignment precision. The Photonic Lantern can be used for a wide range of applications such as multiplexing and demultiplexing in advanced communication applications and LiDAR receiver SNR enhancement. The OptoLantern™ is available in standard 3 and 6 channel configurations or can be customised as required.

Specifications 3D OptoFan™ 3D OptoLantern™
No. of Channels 4, 7, 8 3 and 6
Interface SMF to MCF SMF to FMF (OFS Fibers)
SMF Connectors


(Other connectors may be available)


(Other connectors may be available)

Package dimensions 50 x 15 x 10 mm 50 x 15 x 10 mm

Download 3D OptoFan™ Data Sheet

Download 3D OptoLantern™ Data Sheet

Other interface geometries and channel configurations are available on request.


SDM Product Numbers
OptoLantern™ Product Number
 3D OptoLantern™ 3 channel SC/UPC  CPL033100
 3D OptoLantern™ 3 channel FC/APC  CPL033200
 3D OptoLantern™ 6 channel SC/UPC  CPL063100
 3D OptoLantern™ 6 channel FC/APC  CPL063200
OptoFan™ Product Number
 3D OptoFan 4 channel SC/UPC  COF043100
 3D OptoFan 4 channel FC/PC  COF043500
 3D OptoFan 4 channel FC/APC  COF043200
 3D OptoFan 7 channel SC/UPC  COF073100
 3D OptoFan 7 channel FC/APC  COF073200
 3D OptoFan 7 channel FC/APC  COF073400
 3D OptoFan 8 channel SC/UPC  COF083100
 3D OptoFan 8 channel FC/APC  COF083200

Please note: If you require any other connector types, or discuss your requirements please contact: