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SiPh Adiabatic Coupling


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Optoscribe’s innovative, high performance adiabatic coupling solution for SiPh chips utilises the company’s glass-based platform with integrated V-grooves for precise and accurate passive alignment of the fiber and custom SiON assisted waveguides with full three dimensions of flexibility to alleviate packaging constraints.

This solution comes complete with an Optoscribe designed SiPh taper for efficient low loss coupling between the glass-based waveguides and the SiPh chip.

Feature Benefit
Glass chip Solder reflow compatible; CTE matched with silicon chip
3D waveguides Alleviate packaging constraints
Integrated V-grooves Passive alignment of fiber cable
Etched precision fiducials Automated vision alignment to SiPh chip
Spot-size converter Low loss mode coupling with SiPh chip

*Please note that SiPH Adiabatic Coupling is currently undergoing internal development. Please get in touch using the Contact Us page for availability details.