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SiPh Grating Coupling


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Optoscribe’s SiPh grating coupling solution is a compact, low profile interface incorporating integrated V-grooves for precise and accurate passive alignment of the fiber, waveguides with full three dimensions of flexibility to alleviate packaging constraints, and total internal reflection (TIR) mirrors for directing the light to or from the SiPh grating coupler. Alignment fiducials etched on the glass chip enable automated vision-based alignment to the SiPh chip, thereby totally eliminating any need for slow and costly active alignment at either end of the glass chip. The glass chip is inherently solder reflow compatible and CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) matched to the
silicon chip.

Feature Benefit
Glass chip Solder reflow compatible; CTE matched with silicon chip
3D waveguides Alleviate packaging constraints
Integrated V-grooves Passive alignment of fiber cable
Etched precision fiducials Automated vision alignment to SiPh chip
Integrated mirrors Precise directing of light to/from grating couplers