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VCSEL Coupling

VCSEL Coupling

Optoscribe’s innovative glass-based photonic integrated circuit comprising 3D waveguides, total internal reflection (TIR) mirrors and V-grooves are ideally suited for VCSEL based transceivers. Providing 90 degree light turn to align to the VCSEL and photodetector arrays. The V-grooves allow passive alignment of the fibres, while fiducial markings on the glass chip permit automated vision based alignment to the active components.

The 3D coupling solutions address challenges in VCSEL based designs and can couple to a wide variety of standard fiber architectures including single mode and multimode.

Assembly of VCSELs and photodetectors traditionally use wirebond connecting methods, for an alternative assembly process, please see Optoscribe’s Optical Sub-Assembly OSA platform.

Feature Benefit
Single glass chip Suitable for automated assembly processes and solder reflow compatible
Small size Capable of high channel density
3D waveguides with full vertical flexibility Alleviate packaging constraints
Integrated v-grooves Passive alignment of fiber cable
TIR mirrors Precise directing of light to/from laser/photodetector arrays
Etched precision fiducial markers Automated vision based alignment
Customised design Full flexible layout to fit any configuration